SOLD - Aqua Stained Glass Dream Catcher Earrings
Gunmetal dream catcher earrings with teal transparent petals surrounding the center. Seven metal petals hang from the bottom of the earrings
Aqua Stained Glass Dream Catcher Earrings by hotGlued 
Geometric Shiny Silver Metal Earrings
 Shiny metal geometric earrings with hanging metal circles and blue beads in the center. Earrings are a slightly different shape than one another, which add to the funkiness of their design.
SOLD - Twisted Metal Swirl Earrings
Swirled metal with teal and brown wooden beads.
Twisted Metal Swirl Earrings by hotGlued
Raw pieces of amber with hanging brushed metal chains and leaf ornaments. The raw beauty of nature with a modern twist.
Amber and Leaf Chainmail Earrings by hotGlued
SOLD - Brushed Metal Button Earrings
Two brushed metal buttons with red glass bead on the top. Just as cute as a button ☺
Brushed Metal Button Earrings by hotGlued
Swirled metal feathers with copper gears earrings.
Brushed Metal Feather and Copper Gear Earrings by hotGlued
A mother and her two babies. Display them together or spread throughout a room to create a more subtle display of nature. Sold as a set.
Checkerboard Earrings by hotGlued
Large circular brass earrings with light blue beading layered from top to bottom. Trendy and classy, these earrings are perfect for any occasion!
 Circular Brass and Bead Chandelier Earrings by hotGlued
Twisted metal swirl earrings with brown and metal beading
Double Swirled Metal Earrings by hotGlued
Rectangular wooden earrings embellished with wooden, teal and metal beads.
It's all Wood Earrings by hotGlued
Bright red, orange and silver glass beaded-earrings. Bring bold and fun color into any outfit!
Red and Orange Confetti Glass Earrings by hotGlued
SOLD - Stone and Metal Chain Earrings
Three gray stones with hanging brushed metal chains below. Simple and natural, these earrings still manage to make a statement!
Stone and Metal Chain Earrings by hotGlued
SOLD - Turquoise Stone and Silver Metal Pendant Earrings
3-dimensional antique metal pendant earrings with turquoise stone embellishment.
Turquoise Stone and Silver Metal Pendant Earrings by hotGlued
Large bronze circular earrings with dark green and maroon painted flowers. 
Vintage Painted Bronze Circle Earrings by hotGlued
Black and white wood tile pendant earrings with brushed metal and brass accents.  Extremely unique way to jazz up your look.
Wooden Domino Tile Earrings by hotGlued


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