Thursday, July 19, 2012



It all started with the Union of Erins. Erin boy and Erin girl. If having the same name wasn’t enough to have in common, as our relationship developed, we discovered there were many other things that we shared. One of the most prominent was a passion for antiques and crafting.


It began with our weekend getaways to Lancaster, PA, where farmer’s markets, antiques and arts&crafts are more prominent than high rises and taxi cabs. The only “problem” we had was finding enough space in the car to bring home all the finds we found! 

After a while, and after our apartment was overflowing with knickknacks, these trips to PA ended up inspiring us to do something more – hence, was born!

Take something as simple as hot glue, add a little imagination and you will be surprised as to what you can create.
Welcome to our site and enjoy our store!



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